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Pain Relief

What is natural pain relief? Natural pain relief is when treatments are used to reduce a person’s pain that don’t include pharmaceutical medication or surgical procedures. Alternative medicine offers treatments that help alleviate pain by targeting the underlying cause of the symptoms.

At our pain management clinic in San Antonio, we provide natural treatments that will help your body repair and regenerate damaged or degraded tissue so you can get back to doing the things you love and stop being limited by your painful conditions.

Pain relief is possible without drugs or surgery
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How Is Pain Relief Different Than Pain Management?

How Is Pain Relief Different Than Pain Management? New Braunfels, TX

There is a monumental difference between solving a problem and managing a problem. This is the basic difference between pain relief and pain management. In a conventional system, when you feel pain, you take medication that dulls the pain receptors in your brain. Then, your pain subsides.

Once the medication wears off, you need to take more, and the management cycle continues. With pain relief, the idea is to solve the underlying issue that is causing the pain so the pain no longer exists. It is treating the cause vs. treating the symptom.

With our natural pain relief treatments, there is no mention of surgery or pain medication. Both of these approaches carry their fair share of risks, and while surgery might target the cause of the pain, having a knee replacement or hip replacement is highly invasive, and requires lengthy recovery and physical rehabilitation.

Some of the painful conditions that can be helped with our all-natural pain treatments include:

Relief Through Alternative Medicine

Our treatments will repair damaged tissue and cells so the cause of your pain will no longer be an issue. These innovative and unique treatments will also help your body’s own healing properties kick into high gear so you can experience healing like you were young again.

Pain Relief Through Alternative Medicine Boerne, TX

As we get older, the special healing factors in our cells start to decline, but our natural pain relief techniques will restore your healing power to get you the ultimate relief you’ve been looking for.

Since there is no surgery or medication to hold you back, there is no downtime or side effects when you have treatment at our clinic. You can come in and have your treatment, then simply walk out the door and get on with your day. The healing will be taking place below the surface, out of sight, exactly where it is needed.

If you’re like most people dealing with pain on a daily basis, you’ve tried countless ways to find relief with limited success at best, and the possible consequences of surgery and pain medication just aren’t worth the risk. Especially when there is a natural pain relief solution at your fingertips. Give us a call today at 210-341-5591 in the San Antonio, New Braunfels and Boerne areas and we will schedule a free consultation to finally get the results you deserve.