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Back Pain

What causes lower back pain? Lower back pain can be caused by many different issues. This can include strained muscles, arthritis, sciatica, spinal stenosis, tendonitis, degenerative disc disease and herniated discs. Whether you have suffered an injury or have a chronic, degenerative back issue that is causing you pain everyday, we will assess your condition and provide you with a treatment protocol that’s unique for your situation. Our all-natural treatments will allow you to experience long-lasting pain relief and get back to doing the things you love to do.

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How To Fix Lower Back Pain?

How To Fix Lower Back Pain? New Braunfels, TX

The most effective way to fix pain is by using natural pain relief treatments that target the cause of the pain. The problem with conventional treatments is that they treat the pain, but ignore the reason for the pain. By dulling your pain receptors with medication, the best you can hope for is a temporary fix. That is, until the medication wears off and you need to start the process over.

The treatments we offer at our pain management clinic in San Antonio are non-invasive and don’t require risky medications. We will work to uncover the underlying cause of the pain you are feeling, and then focus our treatments on eliminating the cause. Once the cause is removed, the pain will no longer exist. Then, you can start living life on your own terms once again.

Relief Through Alternative Medicine

We can relieve your pain by providing you with alternative treatments that assist damaged cells and tissue in your body. By introducing specialized cells, your body's healing processes are accelerated. This enables a higher rate of efficiency through unique components the cells bring forth as they repair your body. Pain that affects your everyday life is simply a by-product of the damage and disruption beneath the surface. Addressing those issues will return your comfort and mobility without the side effects or downtime associated with conventional treatment.

Back Pain Relief through Alternative Medicine Boerne, TX

Medication and surgery have their fair share of risks. Our natural pain relief treatments can be completed quickly and with no downtime, so you can go about your day. If your goal is to eliminate your pain and restore your quality of life; lengthy recovery time, surprise side effects and potential addiction to painkillers shouldn’t be part of the program. We can provide you with a treatment protocol that will reduce your pain without any of the issues that are common with conventional treatment.

When you have natural pain relief treatments to fix your sore back, you can expect relief from:

  • Poor mobility and stiffness
  • Severe lower back pain
  • Sharp pain in your upper back
  • Radiating pain from your lower back
  • Problems standing or sitting for long periods of time

You don’t need to suffer from debilitating back pain or worry about the consequences of conventional treatment when a natural solution is just a phone call away. Get in touch with us today at 210-341-5591 in San Antonio, New Braunfels, Boerne and the surrounding areas and we will schedule a free consultation to provide you with a natural treatment that will finally get results.