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Sports Injuries

At San Antonio Integrated Healthcare, we help Texan athletes return to the sports they love by reversing the effects of gradual and sudden injuries. Our platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments and regenerative cell therapy options are ideal for professional and amateur athletes alike.

Sports Injuries We Treat

Visit our integrative pain relief and rehab clinic if you suffer from any of the following sports-related injuries:

Rotator Cuff Tears
Sports Injuries We Treat in San Antonio, TX New Braunfels, TXAthletes who frequently use their shoulder joints, especially for repetitive overhead motions, face a higher risk of rotator cuff tears. The rotator cuff, a combination of tendons and muscles attached to your shoulder joint, may tear partially or fully if their protective lining (bursa) is already inflamed.

These tears are common among rowers, swimmers and weightlifters, as well as baseball, softball, tennis and volleyball players.

Ligament Tears
Ligament tears, also known as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, are common knee injuries among athletes who run and jump. The ACL is one of four ligaments that stabilize your muscles and joints. When there is a sudden twisting of the ACL while your leg is still straight, injuries can occur.

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Ankle Pain
Years of rigorous physical activity may result in chronic or recurring ankle pain. Your ankle ligaments (connective tissues) are attached to the joints and ligaments throughout your leg. They can tear and stretch as a result of repeated or abrupt twisting.

Shoulder Pain
Even if you don't have a ligament or joint injury, shoulder pain may recur as your bone and tissue cells deteriorate over time. If your shoulders are getting weaker, less functional or more painful as a result of physical activity, your cells may not be regenerating as quickly as they degenerate.

Tennis Elbow
Tennis elbow is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, because it is caused by frequent use of your arm and hand muscles. Both overuse and abrupt injury can tear the muscles and tendons attached to your inner elbow bone, inflaming the area and making it difficult to enjoy full range of motion.

PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment in San Antonio, TX Boerne, TXPlatelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are ideal for injuries that may gradually heal on their own. When we perform PRP treatment procedures, we create a concentrated mix of these platelets from your own blood. We then inject them directly into the torn or inflamed area, to stimulate cell regrowth.

Regenerative Cell Therapy

We also offer regenerative cell therapy for athletes. Adult cells have the potential to transform into any cell in your body, including the cells that make up your muscles and connective tissues. Injuries cause these cells to degenerate and you can't heal until your body produces enough new cells to make up for this loss. We inject mesenchymal cells to stimulate cell regrowth and restore full function to your shoulders, ankles, elbows and other joints.