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Physical Rehabilitation

Sometimes the immediate care and healing you receive for an injury, or in the wake of a degenerative condition, is only the beginning of your road back to pain-free function. Atrophied muscle groups, stiff joints, scar tissue accumulation and other issues may call for an additional program of physical rehabilitation.

Here at San Antonio Integrated Healthcare, we employ a variety of physical rehabilitation exercises and techniques as part of our "whole body" approach to healing, creating a full customized pain relief program to meet your individual needs and challenges.

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Physical Rehabilitation to Help You Heal in Texas

Physical Rehabilitation to Help You Heal in Texas New Braunfels, TX

Why might you require physical rehabilitation? The term loosely applies to a wide range of treatments aimed at rebuilding lost strength and/or restoring lost function. For instance, if you broke your foot and had reconstructive surgery on it, weeks of enforced immobilization may have healed the bones while leaving the foot itself extremely stiff and weak.

In such a situation, you might need to restore your foot's function through a recommended program of walking on a treadmill, standing on a balance board, pedaling a stationary bike, etc. These various actions encourage nerve and muscle re-growth while also helping to prevent adhesions, the lumps of internal scar tissue that can prevent full range of motion and cause ongoing pain.

As the center of the body's support system, the spinal column is particularly vulnerable to injuries and degenerative conditions that can leave you with serious problems. Severe, long-term nerve impingement from a herniated lumbar disc, for instance, can prevent motor impulses from traveling from the sciatic nerve to the muscles, causing the muscles to become weak from disuse.

Arthritis afflicting the facet joints in the spine, compression of the vertebral discs, spinal stenosis and other progressive conditions can make even the slightest bend or twist an agonizing experience. Even after treating the underlying disorder, you may need physical rehabilitation to regain full mobility and strengthen your body against future incidents.

Personalized Physical Rehabilitation

Our team at San Antonio Integrated Healthcare can help residents feel like themselves again. We can provide a comprehensive treatment plan, not only for addressing the immediate problem, but also for post-procedure rehab.

Personalized Physical Rehabilitation at San Antonio Integrated Healthcare Centers Boerne, TX

For example, after prescribing chiropractic adjustments or spinal decompression to alleviate a pinched spinal nerve root, we may prescribe a series of exercises to help you build up the large core muscles that support your back and trunk.

This not only undoes the atrophy caused by the nerve impingement, but it also helps to buttress your spine against those bumps and jolts that threaten its health on a daily basis.

If you have a chronic pain condition that involves stiff joints, physical rehabilitation can help you keep the problem at bay. Regular movement of the offending joints can help them stay as supple and pain-free as possible, especially when accompanied by our massage, acupuncture and medical therapies.

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