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Stem Cell Therapy

What is stem cell therapy? Stem cell therapy is a treatment designed to help rebuild damaged tissues and relieve pain by using injections made from your body’s own stem cells, or from those of a close relative. The cells are harvested from your bone marrow or adipose tissue.

Types of Stem Cell Therapies New Braunfels, TX

At our pain management clinic in San Antonio, we do not use stem cell therapy as a treatment. We utilize regenerative cells that are collected from the Wharton’s Jelly of donated umbilical cord tissue, and PRP injections. These are used to treat the underlying cause of your pain and provide long-term relief.

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Types of Stem Cell Therapies

Only treatments that use adipose tissue and bone marrow can technically be called stem cell therapy. The regenerative cells we use for treatment are not stem cell therapy. When you harvest stem cells from your own fat or adipose tissue, there is a chance that the injections might contain toxins. This is because fat tissue is a common place that toxins accumulate.

Bone marrow stem cell therapy can be horribly painful, as it’s necessary to drill into the bone to access the cells. This process is highly invasive and can open you up to infection. We prefer regenerative cellular therapy because it is far less invasive and leads to fewer complications, but the choice is ultimately up to you.

Treatment Containing Growth Factors And Regenerative Cells

Our regenerative cellular treatments start with tissue from donated umbilical cords. The mother and baby are never harmed during the collection process. The mother is also screened during pregnancy for social history and health. This helps ensure the cells that are collected are of the highest possible quality.

Treatment Containing Growth Factors And Regenerative Cells Boerne, TX

These young cells differ from cells used in stem cell therapy. They still have a full complement of healing factors, cytokines, proteins, lipids and other elements that are crucial for efficient healing.

As we age, these elements decline, which can be a problem when it comes to stem cell therapy.

Treatments Containing Regenerative Cells For Pain

The action of these cells in your body is to repair, rejuvenate and replace damaged or degraded tissue. The underlying cause of the pain is treated. So the pain will subside, and you will recover your range of motion, mobility and quality of life.

PRP treatments that use concentrated platelets from your own blood are another form of regenerative medicine that is non-invasive, accelerates your body’s own healing ability and targets the underlying problem for complete, long-term healing. The choice of which type of natural pain relief to use is ultimately up to you.

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