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Dr. Franklin and his staff are very professional. I have witnessed them meeting the medical needs of the community for many years. I highly recommend!

Tracy W.

I discovered San Antonio Integrated Healthcare when I was looking for a solution to my pain. I had thyroid surgery that left me with constant neck and back pain. They were able to relieve the pain with their Chiropractic skills, physical therapy and massage.

Because of my surgery, I also began experiencing weight gain. One of the things They offer is medical weight loss designed for each individual.

Now I'm faced with the pain of osteoarthritis and constant knee pain. My orthopedic surgeon wants to operate. I refuse to make that my first option and have turned to SA Integrated Healthcare once again. I recently began stem cell therapy on my knee. It was simple and not painful at all.

If you have pain, don't live with it. Seek help from SA Integrated Healthcare. You will be glad you found them.

Joanna E.

San Antonio Integrated Health has a great staff. They listen and understand your problem. They offer great services and products. They answer all questions and explain things thoroughly. Scheduling is easy and flexible.

Gabriela G.

Great Doctors and Great Staff ! Weight Loss, Knee Injections, Allergy Food Testing, Regular Allergy Testing ( Mold, cedar, trees, dander ), B12 Injections, PRP and Stem Cell Joint Injections,Migraine Headache Advanced Treatment and many more.

James E.

The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and cater to their clients individual needs. I was very impressed with the doctors, staff and with the client’s response to their treatments and staff. I’m currently receiving the new lipomelt light therapy which is amazing. I’m in the healthcare field and am so excited about this clinic and all they have to offer.. weight loss, pain management, hormone therapy and migraine therapy to name a few.

Elizabeth F.

The care at San Antonio Integrated Healthcare is wonderful. The people greet you with a smile and know your name and everyone who takes care of me there is skilled and honestly cares about me and the best part is that I am being healed. I highly recommend them.

Hurd K.

Great and inventive staff. Dr spends time explaining while making sure you understand the process and listens to concerns to make sure how he can best assist. Never long waits. All staff seems genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of each patient.

Caito T.

I love San Antonio Integrated Healthcare. The staff there was amazing! My results with the doctor was great in a 12 session. I went from little mobility to moving on normally. Thank you San Antonio Integrated Healthcare.

Sara H.